Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hawthorne Hotel's Annual Staff Party and Employee of the Year Awards

Each year we throw a party for all of the members of the Hawthorne Hotel Staff.  It generally takes place in early January, which was the case again this year.  Our parties have taken place at FINZ Restaurant at Pickering Wharf for a number of years, and that was the case again this year.  The location is convenient for us, and the owner and staff always make sure we are well-taken care of there, providing us with excellent food and libations.

Here is a link to photos from this event, in case you want to see us all in our party-mode.

Staff Party

One of the major events of the night is the awarding of the Employee of the Year recognitions.  Our winner of the Part-Time Employee of the Year Award was Nancy Stewart.  Unfortunately, Nancy was unable to attend the party due to family obligations, so we called her up and congratulated her via telephone from the party, and she received her award at the hotel on Friday.

Nancy has worked for us for well over 30 years.  She works in the laundry, and this year she was instrumental in making the huge task of switching over all of our linens to the new style we are now using, with higher thread counts, large "third sheets", duvets and duvet covers, as well as double the number of pillows on each bed.  All of these new linens had to be washed before they could be installed, all the while maintaining the regular laundry requirements for a busy hotel.  This was a big job, but Nancy never faltered in her enthusiasm for getting it done for our guests, and doing things right.

Manuel just as his name was called out in recognition of his Employee of the Year award.
Our Full-Time Employee of the Year was Manuel Pena.  Manuel works at the Peabody Essex Museum for us in our off-site catering division.  He has worked for the Hawthorne Hotel and Hawthorne Catering for over 10 years.  Manuel works in the culinary department there, and does everything he can to assure our successful operation, from washing dishes, pots and pans, to doing prep work and helping with receiving and storing our food and related items there.  Manuel is able to supervise the other dishwashers and prep personnel when the Chef is not around, and even when she is.  He makes sure that we do things the right way, and is so dependable and hard-working that the nomination of Manuel as the Employee of the Year seemed like the best choice for sure.
You can see how happy everyone was with our selection of Manuel as the Employee of the Year for 2011.

Juli handing Manuel his award certificate.

Showing Manuel all of his goodies that are part of the award package.

Left to right, Ken O'Keefe, Executive Sous Chef; Manuel Pena, Full-time Employee of the Year; Rhiannon Nowak, PEM Chef; Steve Nelson, Executive Chef
I think Manuel's "thumbs up" sign says it all in terms of how happy he was to be recognized by the Hawthorne Hotel team.

Manuel, we thank you so much for all that you do for us, you certainly deserve this award.



  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Do you guys have guest laundry facilities available?

  2. We can provide laundry service but we do not have "do-it-yourself" laundry facilities on property. There is a self-service laundromat about 2 blocks away from the hotel.