Friday, December 30, 2011

A Small Look Back

This week Ann and James Ryan of Salem stayed with us in celebration of their 57 years of marriage.  It was extra-special for them, because their wedding reception was held here at the hotel all those many years ago.  I asked Ann if she had any photos showing even a little bit of the hotel as it looked then, and she was able to come up with this one, but she promised a more thorough search for additional photos.  So stay tuned.

We are pretty sure this was taken on the second floor, and it might have been in the Pickman Room which has been used for wedding photos for many decades.

We love the timeless look of her gown.

I hope you enjoy this look back 57 years.  



  1. Love this story and the bride looked beautiful :)

    My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this Christmas Eve just gone and got a telegram from the queen :)

  2. @Claire -- so nice! Love long marriages. Walt & I will celebrate our 37th in two weeks.

    1. Oh it is nearly anniversary time soon!

      (just testing new comment system)