Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Brunch December 11, 2011

Santa at the Hawthorne Hotel is a fiddling Santa, and he starts out serenading the little ones from the Ballroom's grandmother windows.

Then he makes a brief appearance in our lobby before fiddling his way into the  Grand Ballroom.

As he enters the room the delight on the little ones' faces is such a joyous thing to see, it really makes you love this special season.

Then he goes table to table, serenading each child.

He finishes his tour by assuming the large wing-back chair that is all ready for him to listen to each little child's wishes.

Here is the link to all of the photos we took on this special day:
Santa Brunch December 11, 2011

I hope you enjoyed your time with us, and if you did not come, that you enjoy getting to see all of the children and their wonder at being able to enjoy Sunday Brunch with Old St. Nick!

See you here?


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