Saturday, December 31, 2011

Luke Healy Receives Award

Yesterday we honored Luke Healy with our Full-time Employee of the Month Award for November.

 In these first two photos you see us surprising Luke on the "line" where he was cooking for a very busy Tavern.  Luke carries is the Chef du Partie for the Hawthorne Hotel, and as such he leads the "line" in the preparation of all of the a la minute preparations for our two restaurants, the Tavern and Nathaniel's.

He seemed well-pleased with this honor, especially since one of his prizes is an extra day off with pay.
 Left to right:  Juli Lederhaus, General Manager; Ken O'Keefe, Executive Sous Chef; Luke; and Steve Nelson, Executive Chef.

We all offer our sincerest congratulations and thanks for a job well-done to Luke.

I hope you will join us in these accolades!



  1. Congratulations to Luke on his award and I bet he's going to love that day off with pay!

    Is that the Steve of your fabulous Steve's Seafood Chowder?? I still think that's the best bowl of chowder I have ever had, my mouth starts watering even just thinking about it!

  2. Yes, that is the very same Steve!