Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lobster Dinner for $3???

We were recently loaned a nice old menu (to scan to our archives) from the Hawthorne Hotel, back in the day, as they say.  Here are some images that will certainly make you chuckle when you see the prices.

Right Side Insider Menu

Back Menu Cover

Menu Cover

Left inside page of menu.

I hope you enjoy this step back in time.  Now, does anyone have a copy of a receipt from the restaurant with any of these menu items and prices on it?  If so, please let us borrow it to scan into our archives.  There could be a lobster dinner for $3 in it for you if you do!

Special thanks to Nelson Dionne for always thinking of us!



  1. Let's see ... I would like to start with the Fresh Fruit Cup Supreme for 35 cents followed by your Soup du Jour for 20 cents. For my entree I'd have the Baked Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp with Drawn Butter for $2.65 and if I have any room left after all that, I'll love to try your Strawberry Shortcake for 35 cents. The change leftover from my $5.00 will go towards a very handsome tip!

    Interesting thing that I learned on my Freedom Trail Holiday Stroll in Boston the other day that I remembered when I was reading this menu is that there is no such thing as a fish with the name of Scrod. It originally meant "Seasonal Catch Right Off the Dock" and morphed into what people thought of as a white fish. Apparently it was the Parker House that first listed it on their menu that way. I wonder how there menu prices compared with those of the Hawthorne at the same time?

  2. I wish we knew what the date was on this. Any thoughts anyone?