Friday, November 25, 2011

One Wedding and a Funeral

Running a historic hotel is a bit like having a very huge extended family. There are so many people who have connections to this place, they feel like our relatives. This week Joseph Perkins Jr. said goodbye to his wife and best friend, Helen Perkins. As friends and family gathered to pay their respects and remember her, some of the family were thrilled to see the photo of the first wedding that took place at the Hawthorne Hotel in 1925. They were having so much fun in relating to this historic event, that I had to ask to take their photo, to which there was rapid agreement. So here you go:
Clockwise above and below, from bottom left:  Jerome Perkins, Alex Perkins, Abigail Perkins, Joseph Perkins, Jessamyn Perkins, Collin Schaverman, and finishing at the bottom row center is Brad Schaverman.

So what is the family connection, you might naturally want to ask? Mr. Joseph Perkins Jr.'s mother, Elizabeth Spofford Perkins, was an attendant to the first bride of the Hawthorne Hotel, Lucretia Johnson Perkins, on October 17, 1925. She married William Russell Burns, of Logansport, Indiana.

Russell, as he was known, had been sent to Salem by his company to help build the Hawthorne Hotel. The photo of that first wedding hangs proudly in the lobby of the Hawthorne Hotel.  It is nice to see one simple photo helping families smile even in sad times.

I hope to see you here.


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