Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Manager's Awards for Costumes

For our annual Halloween costume ball we typically have around 5 to 7 celebrity judges who pass out the ribbons to the contestants who will be entered in the contest.  Then based on the crowd reaction and our own feelings, a team of managers join the judges in determining the winners.

However, I have decided to have the prerogative of handing out some special "Manager's Awards" to people that I want to receive some recognition.

Here are the costumes and people who received these certificates this year:

First Place:  Richard Hall and Don Crandall for their Boston Bruins Hockey Player with the Stanley Cup Manager

Second Place:  Sir Robert Trelli for his awesome knight costume.

Third Place:  Karen McCrory and friends for their BeeGee's outfits, which DID meet the Theme of the Ball but we missed them.

Dennis Castleton for his awesome Zombie look.

Thanks for making me smile!


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