Monday, November 21, 2011

Last Blast of Fall Foliage Colors

As I was walking to work on Wednesday this week, I was startled by a beautiful red tree in the back of one of the buildings that are part of the Peabody Essex Museum's collection of historic buildings.  It was this first one that you see here.

As I looked at the photo I took, I realized you could see the Hawthorne Hotel in the background, so instead of walking around the buildings on the sidewalk, I walked through the grounds and kept taking photos.

In this photo above you can see the hotel much more clearly in the background.

As I continued walking there you get yet another perspective, with the Andrew Safford house on the left.

This "summer house" is a darling little building that is on their grounds.  I had to go back and take this photo, because I realized as I turned around how sweet it looked with the tree setting it off.

There were just enough leaves left to add an other-worldly look to the Hawthorne Hotel.  I really enjoyed how this photo came out.

I hope you enjoy going along for a walk with me.  Living and working in Salem is such a delight!

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