Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Many Hotels Have Two Flag Closets?

Hotels are sometimes complicated to run, with so many different moving parts, tasks, strategies and goings-on.  This week one of the tasks that we accomplished was to reorganize and inventory all of our flags.  We actually have two closets in the hotel where our flags are kept.  This is not something that very many hotels anywhere have, but we do!

If you have not read our blog before you might not know why we have so many flags, or what we do with them.  Here are your answers.  We fly two different flags each and every day (weather permitting) on the front of the Hawthorne Hotel.  The giant flag of the United States of America flies on the roof of the Hotel.

The flags we fly are the flags of the United Nations members, and the flags of the States and Territories and Possessions of the USA.  We normally fly them in alphabetical order, but we do accept special requests, and honor those requests as much as possible.

In addition to posting them on our blog each week in advance, we also put up a small recap of information about the countries and states being represented on our building in our lobby each day.

Patrice was kind enough to handle getting us reorganized, alphabetized, and inventoried, and I thought you, fair blog reader, might enjoy seeing this rather "back of the house" action taking place.

I hope to see you here.



  1. Sounds like Patrice had her work cut out for her organizing so many flags!

    I think that your Flags of the Day Program is excellent and I love to see which flags are flying whenever I happen to be in Salem. Also, having had my own choices flown last year when the girls and I were staying at the Hawthorne last December was pretty darned cool!

  2. Anonymous11:45 PM

    You can definately tell that I am no longer working at the hotel. I guess no one knows to put the flags back where they got them or knows the alphabet.