Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Connection to Our Founder, Frank Poor

A friend of mine in the Salem Rotary Club shared these two images with me.  As you can see, they are of the Salem Rotary Club Roster from 1954-1955, and show that Frank Poor was still a member of the Salem Rotary Club.

If you reed this blog thoroughly, you will remember several facts.  The Hawthorne Hotel was made possible by a "public subscription", a selling of shares of stock to raise money to build "Salem's Hotel".  The groups who lead the charge in this regard were the Salem Rotary Club and the Salem Chamber of Commerce.

Frank Poor is considered by us to be our "founder" because he was the one who, in 1923, really led the groups to the realization that this hotel was needed, and he was the president of the company that was created to issue the shares of stock, and he was the one who sold the most shares of that stock.

I love seeing old things like this, and especially enjoy remembering when phone numbers were a lot simpler.

I hope you enjoy seeing this, and being a little more enlightened about the beginnings of the historic Hawthorne Hotel, in Salem, MA.

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