Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween is Happening at the Hawthorne Hotel

Right now we are getting ready for the annual Halloween Costume Ball here at the Hawthorne Hotel. Our Ball was definitely one of the first in Salem, and is certainly the largest, and best (in our opinion and the opinion of our guests). Each year a different department is assigned an area of the hotel to decorate, given a nice cash stipend to use for decorations, and access to the storehouse of prior years' decor. Then their creative abilities take over, and they vie for the price of best-decorated room -- another nice cash prize. Here are some photos I snapped as I walked through the different areas of the hotel about an hour ago.

This year the theme of the ball is "Saturday Fright Fever", and it plays out in the different areas as:

Bride and Groom's "Last" Dance
The Dead Wedding Guests

Prom Gone Wrong

Saturday Night Fever

Techno Cemetery

Dancing with the Grateful Dead

Last Days of Disco

Random decorations also show up here and there, as is the case of the entrance to the Tavern.

I hope to see you here.


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