Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great Pumpkin Contest Cannot End Too Soon For Robyn

Here is Robyn Sheather, our Sales Associate, dealing with nearly 2000 entries in our Great Pumpkin Guess-the-Weight contest. It is her job to organize all the entries and put them into our data base so we can sort them to determine who has come the closest in guessing the combined weight of our pumpkin and two giant gourds.

Note the caution tape and woman-working signs that her co-workers saw fit to decorate her cubicle with.

Is she happy? What do you think?

Is she wiped out? Pretty much!

Mostly she is relieved that there is only one more day to guess. Which reminds me! Have you guessed yet? Don't miss your chance!!!

You can guess here in person, on this blog, or on our FaceBook page, or on Twitter.

I hope to see you here,


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