Monday, October 31, 2011

Giant Pumpkins of River Street

Every year our neighbor, John Carr, somehow manages to obtain some HUGE pumpkins, which he carves into giant jack-o-lanterns.  This event is such a popular one that the city of Salem closes off River St. to automobile traffic because so many people come to gawk at this awesome sight.

This is the largest ever, at 1,200 pounds, that has ever graced River St.  It is, in addition to being so very large, also quite handsome.

Everyone thinks John would use some kind of high-tech tools, but here you see him with his big spoon (for scooping out seeds and goop) and his knife -- the sum total of his tools for making this delightful creations.

John sits before his pumpkins seeking inspiration, but here it looks like he is getting some telephone advice as well.

John and his wife Carol have a beautiful city-style garden.  I love how he has used flower pots to surround the carvings.

I hope you enjoy this look at the in-progress Giant Jack-o-Lanterns of River Street, and that you have the chance to walk by tonight or tomorrow night to see them for yourself.  River St. is off Beckford St., which crosses Federal Street in the McIntire District of #SalemMa.


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  1. Darn, now I really wish I hadn't gotten lost walking around Salem Friday evening as I missed seeing the big pumpkins waiting to be carved. Ah well, I did see some great architecture though so that's got to count for something, right?

    Oh, and now that I see John standing next to that big pumpkin and you said how much it weighs, I need a do-over on my guess for the Hawthorne's contest. Rats!