Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Giant Pumpkin Has Arrived at the Hawthorne Hotel

The Hawthorne Hotel is well-known for its giant pumpkin display, and this year will certainly not disappoint. We were able to obtain a giant pumpkin and two of his/her "gourd-y" cousins from the Topsfield Fair, and they all arrived yesterday.

The arrival caused a bit of a stir, and many passersby and guests of the hotel pulled out their cameras and cellphones to snap photos of the event.

We have a lift-gate truck, so we backed it up to the pick-up truck, and maneuvered the lift gate even with the bed of the truck, and then pulled the skid that the pumpkin has lived on for some time right onto the lift gate.

Then we lowered the lift gate and slid the pumpkin's skid onto our flatbed handtruck, via good old-fashioned human power.

Here you see the pumpkin and the two giant gourds that accompanied him/her from the fair into our lobby, all dressed up with their regular-size pumpkin and gourd cousins.

So now the contest begins.  Guess the weight of the three combined giants.  The person who is the closest will win a complimentary night's stay in a suite, along with breakfast for two in our Nathaniel's Dining Room.

The contest will go on for as long as the pumpkins are able to politely co-exist with us in our lobby.  If they start to deteriorate, we will promptly end the contest and toss the group into the compactor.  We hope they will last until our targeted ending date of October 28.

Entry forms are available here in the lobby, or you can enter by "friending" us on our Facebook page, and sending your entry to us that way.

I hope to see you here!

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