Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bewitching Beer, Just Right For the Season

I love this brewery's motto:  
Reducing our dependency on foreign Ale...One pint at a time TM

From Rapscallion's website, their philosophy:
Below are a few philosophies we hope to spread to others, which we believe in and practice on a daily basis:
- Principles before profit.- Values before wealth.- Community before everything!
We encourage all to support local companies; all local companies, not just local breweries. Know where all your products are coming from and know the people behind every company to ensure you are supporting the true main street. This local philosophy also means:
-Less energy used to produce and distribute products.-Positive impact on local economy and jobs.-And most importantly, food and beverage products are superior in freshness and taste.
Thanks for visiting our site.
Peter and Cedric Daniel

Here is a "pint" of their beer for you to try, in our Tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel:

Rapscallion Honey is an extra pale style ale infused with native
wildflower honey from local farmers. It's a crisp, clean, and refreshing
craft beer with hints of cascade and nugget hops balanced by a 
subtle honey aftertaste.
At 4.5% alcohol by volume, Rapscallion Honey is a unique
session beer which can be enjoyed any time of the year.

All Rapscallion beers brewed at Paper City Brewery, 108 Cabot Street • Holyoke • MA 01040 and
Pioneer Brewing Company, 195 Arnold Road • Fiskdale • Massachusetts 01518

I hope to see you here, in the Tavern, at the historic Hawthorne Hotel.



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