Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Second Eagle Has Been Restored

Here you see Michael Millman, from Millman Signs of Hudson, MA, pointing to his handiwork.  He just finished restoring the eagle on the side of the Hawthorne Hotel this week.  This was a job that took a number of trips out here to Salem, to clean, and restore the eagle, and add gold leaf to it, as well as to give the eagle something to hold in its talons (a pineapple, symbol of hospitality) because this eagle is so firmly attached to the brick wall that there is no taking it down.

We are very appreciative of his dedication to his craft, and the passion he brought us in doing this project.

I hope you enjoy seeing this newly improved detail on the exterior of the historic Hawthorne Hotel.


P.S. Here is a link to help you get in touch with Millman Signs:

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  1. Well, that looks just marvelous. Such a beautiful eagle, and now it looks deserving to be on the wonderful Hawthorne Hotel!