Thursday, September 15, 2011

Only You Can Make This Work

There are two things that many people absolutely hate to do, and in which I believe very strongly, because without them both, our society would not be a very good place.  They both create interuptions in our normal life, but they are both very important.  Both are things only one human can do for another human.

One of them is the jury system, and the other is donating blood.  Think about it -- without a voluntary source of human blood, we would have to rely on the people who want to sell theirs -- not a very savory thought.

Now, you cannot easily volunteer to do jury duty, but you can easily volunteer to give blood.  And here at the Hawthorne Hotel we are making it even easier for you.  On Monday September 19 we are hosting a Red Cross Community Blood Drive right here in the Ballroom of the Hotel.  It is from 2 pm to 7 pm, to make it easy for you to stop by after work.

So while this is not glamourous or necessarily fun, it is important, and we hope to see you here.

Monday September 19, 2011
Ballroom, Hawthorne Hotel
2 pm to 7 pm

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