Friday, September 09, 2011

Hawthorne Hotel's Part-Time Employee of the Month for August

Today we surprised Juana Valdez De Vittini as she was getting ready to enjoy her employee lunch in our breakroom with her colleagues from the Housekeeping Department.  As you can see, she was quite surprised to be honored, and her fellow workers were very happy for her.

During the presentation her Department Manager, Megan Campbell, and her Supervisor, Jennifer Rodriguez, spoke about the reasons for Juana's selection as our Employee of the Month.  They cited her always upbeat attitude when she comes to work, her ability to leave her outside problems behind as she enters her work area, her loyalty, hard work and dedication to our Hawthorne Hotel guests, and the way she gets along with everyone she encounters.

Here is Juana surrounded by some of her fellow housekeepers, left to right: Ingris, Jennifer, Andrea J, Minerva, Juana, Andrea M, Mayra and Carmen.  They are usually somewhat camera-shy, but they all lept at the chance to support Juana by being in this picture, evidence of her co-workers esteem.

Juli Lederhaus, General Manager; Juana Valez De Vittini; Jennifer Rodriguez, Housekeeping Supervisor; Megan Campbell, Housekeeping Department Manager

Congratulations, Juana, and thank you so very much for all that you do!


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