Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Congratulatons to Our Winners

Meet Marjorie Rio and Jack Rotoli who are visiting us from Norristown, PA.  They are loyal Hawthorne Hotel guests who come to visit us often, and who never miss our Halloween Ball.

This year Marjorie submitted the winning name for the Ball, "Saturday Fright Fever" so we asked her to pose with our newly finished poster for the Ball that is located in our lobby.  I thought it was interesting that my camera flash took away the "el" in Hotel changing it into the word "HOT" instead!  We certainly hope that our Ball remains the HOT ticket for Halloween again this year.

I spoke with them about their costume plans for this year, and I can tell you that they have something awesome already made (Marjorie is an excellent costume craftsperson) and I cannot wait to see them.

Congratulations to Marjorie and Jack!  We hope you enjoy your prize, the stay in a suite and dinner for two in Nathaniel's!!


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