Friday, September 02, 2011

Chef Jennifer at the Salem Farmer's Market

On Thursday September 1, 2011 our very own Chef Jennifer cooked a demonstration recipe at the Salem Farmer's Market. Jennifer is a finalist (the final five) of the Fox Television Show, "Hell's Kitchen" so the crowd was enthusiastic and strong for her appearance. She made this lovely New England comfort food, a fresh twist on a classic summer chicken and clam stew.
To enlarge the recipe, simply click on it.

Chef Jennifer signing autographs before the demonstration.

Jennifer Bell of Salem Main Streets (the organization that sponsors the Salem Farmer's Market) introducing our Chef Jennifer.  How many Jennifers does it take?  At least TWO!!

Below, starting out with bacon (the "candy" of meats) makes everything better:

Adding the chicken.  Followed by the garlic.

Now we have carrots, celery and fresh sweet corn in the pan.

Followed by some white wine, chicken stock and whole grain mustard (Chef Jennifer's secret ingredient)

Then the clams go in to steam open in the aromatic stew, along with some pre-cooked potato cubes.

Finishing with a flourish of Jennifer's favorite three herbs -- chives, cilantro and thyme, all fresh of course!
And some diced tomato fillets (just the flesh, no seeds, no tomato water.
Served with some grilled crusty bread to soak up all the lovely pan juices.

I hope you enjoy seeing one of our talented chefs cooking her specialty, and that you will continue to root for Chef Jennifer on Hell's Kitchen.


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