Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Towne Family Reunion Loved Their Time at the Hawthorne Hotel

We routinely send out event evaluations to our sales and catering clients to solicit feedback for our future growth and betterment.  Here is one that arrived this week, from the organizer of the Towne Family Reunion.

From: Sarah
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 4:03 PM
To: Robyn Sheather
Subject: Re: Thank You--Event Evaluation

Dear Robyn,

I will be happy to fill out the evaluation et al-and will do this once I have completed two articles on the event-

Suffice it to say it was truly wonderful, and I cannot think of any other venue that would have been  as welcoming, elegant, hospitable, flexible, stellar as the Hawthorne. Laura was a rock and an inspiration for me. Without her this reunion would not have been the success it was. Over 1/3 of those attending were new to the family reunion-and all were aux anges. It gave me great pleasure to see so many happy faces.....and to your staff who faithfully fetched me milk at 2am hearty hugs-that is "going the extra mile". And Alaina was a perfect adjunct to help keep things together.

I hope that the next reunion in the area takes advantage of the Hawthorne. Had we chosen any other place it would not have been quite so perfect, so lovely, so warm-and the food so delectable....ah eggs benedict.......




I hope we will please you as much as we pleased this group.  Special thanks to Laura Abraham, Alaina Ferrero, and Robyn Sheather of the HH staff.


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