Friday, August 12, 2011

A New Round of Our "Where's Nathaniel" Contest

We are really having fun with this new social media contest.  Thanks to Kristie Poehler, our Regional Director of Sales and Marketing who came up with this idea, we have been traveling around Salem to take the photos for this contest.  

Taking a clear photo of Nathaniel, with a fuzzy, out-of-focus background is sometimes a challenge for this self-taught photographer.  But somehow we have gotten a nice collection together, and we plan to take more.

The first place we will post each round of the contest is on FaceBook, and sometimes that will be the only place, so if you are not already a "friend/fan" of the HawthorneHotel on FaceBook, and you want to play this game, you will need to go there and do that!

We already announced our first round winner today.  Congratulations to Pamela K!!

I hope you have as much fun trying to figure out where Nathaniel is as we did in putting him there.  Many more photos to come!  Start guessing!!!  If we have multiple correct answers we will do a drawing from those.


P.S. We have already had a request from one of our fans who wants to buy a little Nathaniel doll of their very own.  These are handmade just for us, and so if you want one too, just let us know.  We are working on the pricing with the woman who made "Nat" for us, so we will let you know that later.


  1. I'm most curious - what's the feather in his left hand? Does it signify something in particular? I'm a little rusty on my Nathaniel Hawthorne knowledge!