Thursday, August 18, 2011

Learning Something New From Our Guests

This week as I was going through the dining room talking to our guests, I was asked a question about one of them that stumped me for a minute.  However, I got on the Internet, and then the phone, and learned all about the subject.  

The question was about the bus that goes from Salem's train station to Logan Airport.  I had literally never heard of it, in the 12 years I have been managing the Hawthorne Hotel.  I guess you would have to say "shame on me" for not knowing about this nifty service.

The bus, the #459, leaves Salem's "T" station pretty much every hour, and takes about an hour to get to Terminal C at Logan Airport.  From there you can take a free inter-airport shuttle bus to your particular terminal if it is not C.

The really good news is that the cost is only $3.50, or 40 cents if you are a senior!  That is simply amazing, considering that other methods of transport start more in the $40 price range and go on up from there.  So, $40 or 40 cents -- you can travel to or from Logan Airport.

I asked our guest if she would let me know how it was, and she did so pretty much instantly.  Here is here emailed report to me:

Thank you for your hospitality!

Got to Terminal C in little more than an hr on the MBTA bus. It was just like any big-city bus--just fine. No steps @ Salem depot; easy off @ Logan. Not much luggage space, but my carry-on presented no problem.

The amazing thing was the fare--$0.40 for a senior.

Best, Carole T-S


So this is another option for anyone traveling from or to Logan Airport and visiting Salem, thanks to my new friend, Carole.

I hope you enjoy learning this "something new" that is likely very old, with me today!



  1. .40 cents for Seniors? Wow! What an awesome deal!

    Yet another great reason to live in Salem!

  2. Now that I'm looking at possibly flying out of Logan to San Francisco to go see a terminally-ill friend soon this sounds even better as maybe I can sneak in a visit to my favorite place on the East Coast before flying to the West Coast and save a good chunk of change in the process as parking at Logan is a bit on the pricey side.

    Have I ever mentioned how lucky I think people are to live in Salem?!?