Tuesday, August 09, 2011

History Wall Installed at the Hawthorne Hotel

Yesterday we were thrilled to be able to install our latest "history wall" in the lobby of the historic Hawthorne Hotel. In the photos below you will see all of it, including the installation process itself, handled very capably by the owners of The Art Corner here in Salem, Wendy Snow-Lang and her husband Charles Lang. The Art Corner also did the framing of the items that you see on the left side of the installation.

This wall now tells the story about how Frank Poor, who was the founder of Hy-Grade Electric/Sylvania Lighting Company, led the Salem Rotary Club and the Salem Chamber of Commerce in their effort to sell shares of stock, in order to be able to build the Hawthorne Hotel.  We believe his business was flourishing, and he wanted a nicer place for his company's contacts to stay when they came to do business with them.

Thus was born the Hawthorne Hotel.  If you look at the share of stock which we have framed in Nathaniel's you will see his signature.  He was the Chairman of the committee, and his two teams raised the most money for the new hotel.

Charles Lang and Wendy Snow-Lang installing the new history wall.

Wendy did a terrific job in framing everything to go with the oil painting of Frank Poor which was donated to us to use by the Peter Poor family of Ispwich.  Peter is Frank's grandson.

By the way, we love supporting local businesses, and The Art Corner is one of those special local businesses.  They do a terrific job, so if you ever need any artwork or collectibles framed, give Wendy a call.

This light bulb was found in the attic of the Hawthorne Hotel just this year, and we discovered that not only is it a cool old light bulb, but it has printed on the top the words "Stolen from the Hawthorne Hotel" in addition to the Hy-Grade Electric Company.  We do know that Frank Poor's company provided all of the light bulbs for the opening of the hotel, and we believe this is one of the first bulbs in use here.

This photo shows Frank Poor at the grand opening of the hotel.  We believe this photo was taken in the entry way on the Hawthorne Boulevard side of the hotel, and that the dark wood doors were replaced at some point with the glass-paneled doors we have there now.  Frank is the one immediately next to the floral sign on the left.

I hope you enjoy learning more about the Hawthorne Hotel's beginnings, and will stop by and see our new display right outside Nathaniel's Restaurant in the lobby.

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