Thursday, April 28, 2011

Romantic Cocktails On Tap for the Romance Writers

They are arriving this Friday, and we will be offering these three very special cocktails, in their honor, all weekend long.  I hope you might want to join in the fun and enjoy one of them too!

Sophia’s Passion Cosmopolitan
Pinnacle Citron Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice and Fresh Lime

Sophia Peabody met and fell madly in love with Salem Neighbor Nathaniel Hawthorne.  Friend believed it was love at first sight; her sister, however, claimed Sophia stole Nathaniel from her!  Married in 1842, they remained happily so until his death in 1864.  Experience this passion.

100-Couples Martini

Pinnacle Pear Vodka, apple and lemon juices, simple syrup

From our first wedding at the Hawthorne Hotel in 1925 (the year we opened), we now host close to 100 weddings each year.

 Wedded Lemon Bliss

Pinnacle Citron Vodka, Orange Curacao, simple syrup and Rose’s Lime

In 2008 a highly successful wedding exhibition called “Wedded Bliss” was created and on display at PEM for several months.  It considered weddings throughout time and in various cultures, and inspired this cocktail.

I hope to see you here.  In the Tavern.  With a Romantic Adult Beverage in hand!


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  1. The 100-Couples Martini was delightful, thank you! I enjoyed my stay at the Hawthorne very much.