Monday, March 21, 2011

Northshore Magazine Interviews the Easter Bunny at the Hawthorne Hotel

I just received my April/May copy of Northshore Magazine, and was delighted to see on the inside back page this article. If you want to be able to see it more clearly, just click on the image.
As you can see, the Easter Bunny was speaking in the Ballroom at the Hawthorne Hotel.  Northshore Magazine was here for this very special event, and took the opportunity to interview the Bunny.

Easter is very late this year, April 24, so the Bunny had some extra time to make this unique personal appearance, and to answer some personal questions.

I hope you enjoy learning more about the happenings at the Hawthorne Hotel!


P.S. If you need to make reservations for our fabulous Easter Brunch, and have not done so yet, please call us right away at 978-825-4311.  Bunny will be there in person for photos, but no more interviews!
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  1. I tried clicking on the image but the scan is too small to read ... can you enlarge the scan?

  2. Coming up very soon. We are reworking the narrative section so it will be bigger in the image. Thanks for pointing that out!