Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Work is Progressing in Our Guest Rooms

This week marked the beginning of a significant renovation project for the guest rooms here at the Hawthorne Hotel.  Here are some photos to help you understand what is transpiring.  We will update you on the progress from time to time.

Jeorge Patsinelas (Head Plumber) and Dan Tremblay who is in  charge of this project for Tremblay Contractors are obviously happy to begin this big project for us.

 Masonite boards were installed over the carpet in our hallways to protect the flooring as items are moved out of and into the rooms which are being renovated.  We are attacking this project one wing at a time, to keep the construction away from the occupied rooms.
 The toilets and sinks are being removed, preparatory to replacing the piping, and getting ready for the new fixtures which will be installed.  The new fixtures will be more energy efficient, will function better, and will provide more space for your "stuff" -- something we all need as much of as possible!
With the help of McDonnell Painting Inc.we are putting all new wallpaper and new crown molding in the rest of the guest rooms (the ones we did not do last year), so by time we are done this spring, all of the rooms will have been completed with this nice new look.
I hope you enjoy these updates as much as we enjoy making our hotel even better for your next visit.


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