Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Why Should You See "Wit" at the Salem Theatre Company?

Sometimes we need to see plays like "Wit", even though they are not about topics which are pleasant or enjoyable at all.  Sometimes we need to think about the kinds of twists and turns that life takes, when we are busy making other plans. Sometimes we need to be coaxed into remembering that life should not be all about one thing -- that we all need balance in our lives.

"Wit", now playing at Salem Theatre Company, is such a play.  While the topic is hard, there is much to be admired in a story that turns down a difficult road, and helps us, at the end or along the way, realize how good our own lives are, helps us realize the interconnectedness that we all have and need.

I am hardly a theatrical critic, but I think I know a fabulous performance when I see it, and the work that Mary Niederkorn does in the key role of Dr. Vivian Bearing is amazing.  Just seeing her act is worth the price of admission.

I hope you will check out this play, that the New York Times calls "The kind of theatrical experience of which legends are made."  It will be there through February 12.  The phone number for reservations is 978-790-8546, or you can email info@salemtheatre.com.  Seeing this intense production in a theater that seats only 48 people makes it even more special.  Be sure you don't miss it.

As you are making your plans, please remember that we open for dinner at 5 pm in Nathaniel's and the Tavern serves straight through the day from 11 to 11, so the Hawthorne Hotel is always a great place to come for a pre-theater dinner.  Nathaniel's even offers an early-bird special


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