Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tim Cheney Named Full-Time Employee of the Month

Today we surprised Tim Cheney, of our Maintenance Department, by recognizing him as our Full-Time Employee of the Month for January, 2011.

If you know anything about what has been going on here in Salem this past month, at least with the weather, you will easily understand why Tim was our unanimous choice for this award. January has equaled SNOW and other nasty weather, and part of Tim's job is to deal with the snow. When it snows here in January, it seems to snow in 20-inch increments, and that is a lot of snow.

Here at the Hawthorne Hotel, we have declared a snow-free zone, which is nice for our guests, and for people who come to dine, or have events here, but it equals a lot of cold, difficult work for members of our maintenance crew.

In respect of all the work Tim did during January, and for all the other things he does for us, we were very happy to honor him with this award. Tim seemed especially pleased when he learned that part of his award is a day off with pay -- as he received that part of his envelope of goodies, he said with a laugh "the next day it snows!"
Left to right:  Jana Mason, Jay Gilliss, Chief of Maintenance, Tim Cheney, and Jennifer Rodriguez
(Jana and Jenn, of our Housekeeping Department, both work very closely with Tim, and were happy to be in this photo with him.)
Tim receiving his awards and accolades from General Manager, Juli Lederhaus.

You can tell that Tim was pretty happy to be recognized.
I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about what it takes to keep the historic Hawthorne Hotel going (and snow-free) on a daily basis, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.


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