Friday, February 11, 2011

New Headboard in 425

As we replaced some of the queen-sized beds in some of the rooms with king-sized beds, we have had to replace the headboards as well.

Since the furniture we have in our guest rooms has been out of production for decades (and by the way, no one seems to make good solid hardwood furniture like it anymore, at least nothing that will match, and would be in the realm of affordable for a hotel) we have decided to replace the headboards in these rooms with padded upholstered headboards, picking up the color scheme of the existing draperies and upholstered furniture, in a simple, timeless and practical design.

This is room 425, which has a sofabed. We were fortunate to have purchased extra fabric when we bought the sofabeds, in case we needed it for something. Who knew that the "something" would turn out to be headboards?

By the way, the bedspreads will be moving to a very different look within the next few months, so watch for more changes as we freshen up our guest rooms this year.

These photos also give you more views of our new lamps which we installed late in 2010. We all especially like the ones that you see on the desk and nightstand, which allow you to plug in the charger for your cellphone or laptop very easily.

I hope you enjoy seeing the ongoing changes here at the historic Hawthorne Hotel, as much as we enjoy showing them to you.

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  1. What a pretty room! I'll have to add it to my list!