Monday, February 21, 2011

New Hawthorne Hotel Pet Gifts

If you follow our blog, or have stayed here with a pet, you likely already know that we give each pet a special gift upon arrival. Our standard dog gift has been a faux shearling stuffed "dog bone" with squeaker. They are lovely toys, but somewhat too big for a small dog.

So we ordered smaller gifts, and they have just arrived. We thought you might like to see them, so here are the photos:

Now we have this tiny orange dog with a Pilgrim-style hat, just made for a little dog (like mine!)

We also have these little darling bears with their own built-in blankets -- exactly the right kind of toy for a tiny little pet who is a tad bit chilly, or for a big dog who likes to toss things around.

If you cannot bring your pet for a visit, you are welcomed to buy either or both of these.  They will be up on our on-line gift shop very shortly.  Go to

By the way, these little toys are created for us by Grriggles, a producer of pet toys for independent pet stores.  You can find similar items at your local independent pet store under that name.  But if you want these toys with our Hawthorne Hotel logo, you will need to come here, or go on our website.

I hope to see you here.

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