Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hawthorne Hotel Announces January's Part-Time Employee of the Month

Last week a group of the managers of the Hawthorne Hotel gathered together to recognize Chavani Taylor as our Part-Time Employee of the Month for January.

While Chavani may only work part-time, she certainly puts in a full-time effort in everything she does. Chavani is one of those rare employees who takes the time to find a way to provide extra-special care and concern for every guest she encounters.

For example, in October, on a particularly cold and windy day, two people came into the hotel seeking some small place where a justice of the peace could perform their wedding ceremony. It had been planned for the Common, but the day was just not conducive to an outdoor event like that, even as quickly and as small as it was.

Chavani recognized that while these were not officially "guests" of the hotel, that our job in the community is to provide hospitality to all visitors. She contacted me, explained the situation, and I was able to find an unused banquet room where they could exchange their vows.

It was Chavani's recognition of an opportunity to be of service that made us shine in the eyes of several people, who are now very attached to the Hawthorne Hotel. They even stayed for a lovely dinner in Nathaniel's.

Is action like this anything that is part of the normal part-time desk clerk's training or plan of work? Not at all, but it is part of what we all strive to do -- to remember that we are in the Hospitality Business, not the Hotel Business.
Left to right: Gina Medros, Lucie Ogeron, Ken O'Keefe, Chavani Taylor, Steve Nelson, Juli Lederhaus, Bryant Winberry, Adam McInnes and Liz Dube. 
Lucie Ogeron, our Front Office Manager; Chavani, and Adam McInnes, our Night Manager, all work very closely together.

Maryann Curtin is one of our very regular guests, and she happened by when we were honoring Chavani, and just had to be part of the group who recognized Chavani for her terrific work.

The Hawthorne Hotel is so proud to have such outstanding team members as Chavani Taylor.  Congratulations and THANK YOU for all that you do!


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