Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Robyn Sheather Named December Employee of the Month

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Today we recognized Robyn, who works in our Sales Department, for all of the great work she has done over the past year. Robyn has been with us for several years, and during that time she has continually grown in her knowledge of her work, and that is reflected in the high quality of her efforts on behalf of the guests and members of the Hawthorne Hotel Team.
Here you can see the surprise with which Robyn greeted us as we descended upon her desk!

One of the particular accolades that Robyn received in her nomination for this award was some work that she did that was completely outside her normal scope of work -- on Halloween for our Costume Ball, Robyn worked one of the doors.  This is stressful, cold work, and Robyn rose to the occasion with the utmost of grace, control and hospitality.  It is a rare individual that can handle that kind of situation as well as Robyn did for us.  Congratulations!

Robyn with Laura Abraham, one of our Sales Managers.  Can you tell that Laura really values the work that Robyn does for her?

Kristie Poehler, Director of Sales and Marketing; Robyn Sheather, Sales Assistant; Thomas MacDonald, Assistant Director of Sales; and Laura Abraham, Sales Manager

I hope you enjoy learning more about the unique individuals who are part of the Hawthorne Hotel TEAM!

And I hope to see you here.


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  1. Steph N9:32 PM

    Robyn is fantastic! Congrats to her! She was such a huge help to me and my husband when we were planning our wedding at the Hawthorne and needed a room block!