Monday, January 24, 2011

Comment Card of the Week!

Here at the Hawthorne hotel we love getting compliments, and this guest certainly filled the bill in that regard. This was in the box that we emptied this morning, and we thought you would enjoy seeing it too.

(To enlarge the image, just click on it.)

I hope to see you here, Ms. Mallett, as well as all of you fair blog readers!  Please be sure to let me know when you are returning to the historic Hawthorne Hotel.


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  1. Susan Mallett10:02 AM

    Well I'm flattered!! When I say the staff was very helpful, I mean EVERY ONE we encountered. If I had one word to use that describes everyone that works there it would be PROACTIVE. It seemed everyone knew what we needed before we knew it!! The waitress in the Tavern was spot on with suggestions for dinner and dessert. Next door there was a wedding being set up, and the woman in charge let us look in the hall and see the set up while answering all our questions and explaining the hotel history and traditions for receptions. The woman at the front desk answered many questions as well and even offered to print up menus for when we return to try the other restaraunt.