Monday, January 31, 2011

Absolutely Darling Dogs

What does the well-dressed visiting Chihuahua from California wear when he is staying at the Hawthorne Hotel in January?  Well, these two were seen sightseeing around Salem, MA in their winter jackets with hoods, no less!

These two handsome long-haired Chihuahuas are Bruno and Duke, and they are from North Hollywood, California, here visiting with their owner, John Enos.  Bruno is a frequent guest, having just completed his third stay with us.

What more can I say, but aren't they just darling?!!  And thanks so much to Elizabeth Manzi for snapping these photos so I could share them with you, fair blog reader.

I hope you love the fact that we are a pet-friendly hotel and I hope to see you (and your pet) here soon.


P.S. Mr. Enos reports that the dogs are still enjoying their dog toys that we gave them during their stay, now that they are back at home.

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