Friday, December 31, 2010

A Christmas Carol in Your Future Too?

Every New Year's Eve should be filled with a bit of planning for the coming year.  Today is no different.

Now I know that it is a little bit early to start planning for Christmas 2011, but in the travel business we think it is never too early to plan your next trip.

After you read Linda Orlomoski's blog post, you may want to consider making this YOUR Christmas tradition as well:

There are also some hints about her stay in 612 in this post, so if you are interested in knowing whether or not she had a "ghostly experience" here, you may wish to read this post as well.


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  1. Thank you, Juli! I highly, highly, highly recommend seeing "A Christmas Carol" - after all, it got two very big thumbs up from teenagers who are generally a hard crowd to please and it seemed to me that all of the kids in the group with us loved it, too!

    I checked with Salem Trolley and tickets go on sale for next year's performances on September 12th. If anyone is interested, they can also asked to be placed on an email notification list just in case one needs a bit of a reminder when September rolls around.

    We're definitely planning on doing it again next year which I'm sure will most definitely mean another stay at the Hawthorne, too. I'm already really looking forward to it and it's only January 1st!