Friday, November 12, 2010

Social Media and the Hawthorne Hotel

Some interesting information about the Hawthorne Hotel's use of Social Media that you may not already know.

We have been blogging for over 5-1/2 years, every single day.  There are probably very few hotels anywhere that have that kind of dedication to blogging.  I like to think of our blog posts as a kind of daily news magazine of life at the Hawthorne Hotel, and Salem, Massachusetts, and Essex County.  I am able to include articles with lots of photos on our blog.

We also maintain a FaceBook page, with nearly 1,500 friends.  We link our blog posts to our FaceBook page, so all the blog posts show up in the notes section.  Therefore if you are a 'fan' of the Hawthorne Hotel, you can easily check out our blog posts as well.  I sometimes tell people that I think of our FaceBook posts as short newspaper-type updates.

Lastly, we maintain a presence on Twitter.  Our tweets also link to our blog posts, and are interspersed with other noteworthy 'bits and bats.'  I liken our presence on Twitter to radio information.  Short and to the point.

I really love connecting with our guests in these different ways  -- it is something that helps us all enjoy the part of our business known as hospitality, of providing a personal connection to people by a business entity.

Sometimes I am able to catch Tweets that mention something about coming to Salem, and to the Hotel, and then I am able to make a guest's visit extra special just because they follow us on Twitter.  I hope you follow us, and let us know about your visits, so I can treat you sometime!

I hope to see you here, or there, in cyberspace!


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