Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Heart of a Hotel Room

We believe that the very most important item in a hotel room is the bed. That is why we always buy the best that we can find, which means beds made right here in Salem by Gardner Mattress Company. Gardner uses only top quality parts, and since they are made in America, the quality of the construction is also superb.

Our old beds were Gardner, and we always had compliments on them, even this year after at least 12 years of use.  But we felt like the time had come to replace them -- they had served us well.

Here you see the new beds coming in to the hotel.  Since we are an older hotel, the building was built without service elevators, so our guests can really see everything that is going on that involves transport in the elevators.  We think this kind of transparency is not a bad thing.

In addition to new mattresses and box springs, we also purchased mattress encasements.  These encasements are designed to keep out even microscopic organisms such as dust mites, and therefore you can be sure that you will be the only living thing in your bed.  In this day and age, we also think this will be a very good "peace-of-mind" detail that our customers will be able to appreciate, even if they don't necessarily notice it.  The encasements eliminate the ability of anything to hide, or to get into a mattress, ensuring a much more hygienic sleeping experience.

Last but not least, we bought all new bases for our beds.  These are a different style, which we believe provide several improvements to the quality of your stay with us.  The first is that they go all the way to the floor, so if you accidentally drop something on the floor, it will not be able to roll out of your reach under the bed.  Another thing is something they do not do -- they don't catch your toes on the corner posts, because they are recessed back some inches from the edges of the beds -- so no more stubbed toes!  And they have more cross supports, so the comfort of the sleeping experience will be enhanced overall.

One caveat -- we do still have about six four-poster beds in the hotel, which will remain.  They are just part of the ambiance.  So if you get one of those rooms, please don't take me to task on the bed base issue.  If you really don't want a four-poster bed, just make your request known when you reserve.  We are always happy to honor special requests as much as we are able.

We hope you are happy as we are about these improvements to each and everyone of our guest rooms.  And we hope to see you here, soon!


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