Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Guest's Review of Our Halloween Ball Weekend Package

We just received this lovely email regarding our Halloween Ball Package.  We thought you might enjoy reading it as much as we all did.  If you want to see Jack's "Mad Hatter" costume, check out our blog posts this week.


From: marjija. . . .
Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2010 11:38 AM

To: Lucie Ogeron

Subject: Nobody throws a Halloween party like the Hawthorne

Hi Lucie,

Well things have finally calmed down and gotten back to normal ...a little.

I just wanted to complement you on the Halloween Ball. The band was great, they played a variety
of music to please everyone (even rock for me). The food was hot, fresh, and delicious, we are vegetarians and there was a large selection. Also, your friendly staff was happy to point the veggie items out to us. The decorations were elaborate in every room, I especially like the second floor where the walls looked like stone. I cant believe you do so much work in one day, then by Sunday morning it "magically" disappears.

So much thought and creativity goes into this event, from the time we received our "summons" in the mail, the themed goodie bags, coordinating the ball itself, and extending an extra party on Sunday for the comfort of your guests. I hope you all got a well deserved rest after the festivities.

Our personal Hawthorne highlights were:

  • never knowing who or what is going to get out of the elevator.
  • seeing a giant "Chuckie" doll run down the hall after his adorable little dog snuck out between his legs.
  • standing in the lobby to make sure we don't miss any costumes.
  • meeting so many people that love Halloween like we do (many from our area too).
  • getting a chance to see John Marsicano's room in person- WOW!
  • hearing our neighbors hysterically laughing while they were getting in costume, it just made us laugh too!
  • the many "do not disturb" signs on the doors Sunday morning, proof that everyone enjoyed themselves.
  • the honorable mention awarded to my husband the Mad Hatter signed by Juli (which now hangs in my sewing room as motivation for 2011). That was a very kind gesture and much appreciated.

We can't wait until next year !!!

Have a happy Holiday Season and a safe winter,

Marjorie and Jack

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