Monday, October 18, 2010

Registration Forms for Halloween Weekend 2011 are Ready

Every year about 65% of our guests return for the Halloween weekend the following year.  They get first priority in booking the rooms package, so we wait until after that window has passed for them in order to open bookings up to the general public.

Getting a room package for Halloween weekend is close to winning the lottery, and every year it gets a little bit more difficult because there are even more people who want to come.

Here is the link to the form you will need to fill out.  Please note that we do not start accepting these forms until the date shown on it, so do not send them in early, as it will be a waste of your time!   You can make your plans now to be at a fax machine at the appropriate time, and meanwhile dream of winning the fax machine race to get your application accepted.

If ever there were a time to follow directions carefully, this is that time.

So here is the link, and if you lose or forget this, it is on the home page of our website, .

Good luck.  I'm rooting for you!


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