Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Offices Get Scary Too, This Time of the Year

This is the time of the year that the "heart of the hotel" spaces become VERY different from any other workplaces in hotels in the world. This is the time when decorating mayhem overtakes a lot of what we do. Where else would you casually walk by the scenes you see below and not think anything of them?

Left to right:  Christine Turner, Claire Kallelis and Liz Dube making the all-important assignments for all of the stations that we must man in order to make the Halloween Ball a success each year.
Below:  The Sales Office has already nabbed some of the items they will be using to decorate their "room" -- each department competes to carry out the theme of the ball by decorating one of the many rooms where the party will take place.

KrisTina Wheeler making ribbons for the contestants in the Costume Contest.  Didn't she dress appropriately for the assignment?

Above, Karen Cotton has "company" in her office.  Who knows where that character will end?
Karl Fried made "bars" for the Ballroom windows.  He is assisting his wife, Christine Madigan, who many of you know by her friendly voice on the phone of our Catering Department.

I hope to see you here at our Ball.

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