Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Favorite Halloween Guests

Okay, we know!  We shouldn't have favorites, but how could you not when you have guests like these!!?!

Karen and John Marsicano come to our Halloween Weekend events every year, and every year they decorate their room to the nines and beyond with every manner of Halloween/horror genre decorative items that they can think of.

Here are some photos of new items this year, as well as two video snippets so you can see how the entire room is decorated.

I hope you enjoy this "behind the scenes" glimpse of the activities of these extra-nice guests of the Hawthorne Hotel.

The Halloween Tree is bigger this year, to accommodate the new ornaments that you see below.

 This is the newest piece of art in their collection -- a painting commissioned by Karen & John, that came out exactly as they had hoped, and more.

New ornaments


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