Friday, October 22, 2010

More Community Service by the Hawthorne Hotel

As part of what we give back to the community, we hosted a dinner for HAWC this month.  Here is the thank you note that they sent to us for our contribution to them.  If you click on it, you will enlarge it to make it more legible.

If you are involved with a local non-profit, and want us to consider hosting a dinner fund-raiser for your your group, please submit a request to me for consideration by our committee.  We will choose approximately four non-profits per year to support in this manner. 

If you are interested, send a letter to me at:

Juli Lederhaus
General Manager
Hawthorne Hotel
18 Washington Square W.
Salem, MA  01970

The letter should be on your non-profit letterhead, and should include a copy of your tax-exemption certificate.  It should state the number of people you would be able to have attend such a dinner (you are responsible for getting people to come to the dinner, and to pay $20 per ticket for it) and you will receive back a portion of money from each ticket sold.  Your letter should state the time of the year you would most like to have a function like this, and should also include how the funds raised by such an event might be used to help in the fulfillment of your organization's mission.



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