Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Equals Fun at the Hawthorne Hotel

Today Claire Kallelis came in to work to find her office, which she shares with the Dining Services Managers, was decked out in honor of both her birthday and Halloween.  This video tells the tale, but does not fully capture the effect which was a room lit with strobe lights.

We put up "snow fencing" to protect our planter boxes from being sat on by the people who must wait in line outside the hotel for the various events to begin, including the Witches Ball, and our Costume Ball.  Our theme this year, "Bedlam Behind Bars" seemed perfect in conjunction with the fence, and we decided to utilize the fence to promote ticket sales to our Ball.  We are nearly sold out, but want people to know we do have just a few more tickets to sell.

I hope to see you here, Saturday night, at the biggest, best costume ball in all of Salem.

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