Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Debunking Internet Misinformation About the Hawthorne Hotel

In 2007 TAPS came to the Hawthorne Hotel to do an investigation.  On the same trip, they also investigated the Lyceum.  They did their show.  I will let you make up your own mind after seeing it if they did, or did not, find any paranormal activity.  It's available on YouTube if you missed it.

However, what did occur as people watched this episode is that they scrambled together the two places, and now, that misinformation flies around the Internet as though it were the Gospel Truth.

The following is an EXAMPLE of that misinformation, taken off of a blog post by a supposed paranormal blogger:

A few footsteps from the site of the infamous Witch Trials of 1692, lies the historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts. Built in 1925, the hotel was named for one of Salem’s famous residents, author Nathaniel Hawthorne. If you’re interested in a Halloween Haunt with plenty of Paranormal Activity, consider a visit to this notable establishment.

Paranormal Claims

Dark Destinations has an excellent summary of the haunted happenings at the Hawthorne Hotel. Local lore suggests the site upon which the hotel was built used to be an apple orchard owned by Bridget Bishop, the very first person executed during the Witch Trials. Unsuspecting guests are often said to catch a whiff of apples in the air.

Several locations are reported to be paranormal hotspots within the Hotel. Room 325 is reported to be a very “active” room, in which former guests have witnessed the bathroom light and faucet turning on by themselves. Further, guests in this room report being touched by invisible hands and hearing the sounds of a child crying. On the sixth floor, a spectral woman is seen wandering the hallway and pausing in front of room 612. Finally, the Nautical-themed restaurant called the Main Brace that used to be on the property, reportedly housed a large ship’s wheel that often turned on its own accord.

The hotel was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters in 2007, and its Haunted reputation continues to grow. If you’re interested in making a Halloween trip to this Haunted Hotspot, be sure to get some rest beforehand – because you may be kept up all night by rogue plumbing and other “guests” who never left!

What is the misinformation? The apple orchard was NOT on this spot, it is supposedly the Lyceum that was built on the site of her apple orchard. Watch the show and you will see. So no apple scents here, unless our chef is baking his famous apple crisp or apple blossom desserts.

Additionally I have recently learned that some of the walking tours and ghost tours here in Salem have been giving out a LOT of misinformation. As I hear about the specifics, I try to contact the perpetrating entities, but they don't always like to listen very well.

Sorry, paranormal people, but PLEASE, at least get your facts, such as they may be, straight!



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  1. Unfortunately I found some of that same misinformation when I was doing my research (my bad for not researching it better!) but then after talking to you about it, I remember on the Ghost Walk that I did with a friend in November 2008 that the tour guide told us that the Lyceum is where Bridget Bishop's apple orchard was and it's nowhere near where the Hawthorne is!

    The internet can be a great place for information and research but it can also be a great place for misinformation as the wrong news travels so much faster now.

    I'll let you know about rooms 325 and 612 after my trip in December though right now the thought of smelling apple crisp baking is enough to make me want to take a trip up sooner!