Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Hotel in Salem, MA

Tonight is the parade that kicks off the month-long celebration of Haunted Happenings here in Salem, MA. In prior years we have struggled with the problem of how to protect our flowers in the planter boxes in front of the hotel from the crush of parade watchers who think it is okay to sit on them, lean on them, leave their trash in them, etc.

This year we thought about trying to be more proactive, so we put out banquet chairs, and asked the people who quickly sought them out as a place to see the parade to just keep them away from the planter boxes. They seemed happy to comply.

So that is why these photos, which out of context might look a bit bizarre, are here on our Hawthorne Hotel blog. Just another day in the life of a historic hotel.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the outcome of our experiment.

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