Wednesday, September 15, 2010

KrisTina Wheeler Named August's Part-Time Employee of the Month

Yesterday we pulled off the BIG surprise, awarding KrisTina Wheeler the award for our part-time employee of the month. The reason it was a BIG surprise is that KrisTina sits in on the meeting each month where we nominate, discuss, and vote for the employee of the month. She even collects and counts the votes.

We went behind her back and nominated an obscure employee from the banquet department at the meeting, all the while everyone else knew that it was KrisTina. KrisTina is my administrative assistant, so she even has to type up the certificates, letters, check requests, and related that go with these awards each month. So when we went to present the award, she was totally caught off guard, because she thought it was going to a man who is part of the banquet department. Surprise!!

KrisTina does so much for all of the members of the Hawthorne Hotel team, and in such a terrific way, that we just had to recognize her for all these accomplishments. She writes the in-house employee newsletter, which has never been better since she took charge of it, and does many other things for the benefit of the entire hotel.

Therefore, the final photo you see in this blog post features all of the managers who were present when we gave her this honor, to show just how much we ALL appreciate everything she does.

Congratulations, KrisTina!

(left to right) Kristie Poehler, Tina Piechowicz, Thomas MacDonald, Lucie Ogeron, Steve Nelson, Kristina Wheeler, Claire Kallelis, Donna Daly, Adam McInnes, Tom Bracken, Laura Abraham, and Karen Cotton

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about how we run the historic Hawthorne Hotel, and all of the people that it takes to make up the terrific TEAM we have here.


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