Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hawthorne Hotel's Flags of the Week ~~ September 20 through 26, 2010

Last week as I wrote the post for our flags of the week, I truly prayed that the situation with the person in Florida who was talking about burning another faith's holy books could somehow deescalate, for all of our sakes. This week, as I write this post, it occurred to me that was exactly what happened, and I am very thankful that it did.

While much is said and written about how easily any person with a weird agenda can get press coverage these days, perhaps that is actually a good thing. Whenever I think about how easily some of the really nasty rulers in history gained power, in part it was because the press was already being controlled, or because news did not get out to a wide audience easily.

Today, with our easy access to the Internet, and with so many people blogging, YouTubing, tweeting, and otherwise getting the word out, it seems less likely that really crazy ideas can fly along under the radar they way they used to. It seems what we witnessed recently was a good example.

Our flags of the week are the Hawthorne Hotel's salute to a world where we can live in peace with each other. By flying the flags of other countries, we are paying our respects to a world where differences can coexist. We do not have to believe another person's beliefs to respect that person, and we feel the same way about other countries, and other states.

We hope you do too.

Monday , September 20 ~~ Sierra Leone and Virgin Islands
Tuesday , September 21 ~~ Singapore and Washington
Wednesday , September 22 ~~ Slovakia and West Virginia
Thursday , September 23 ~~ Slovenia and Wisconsin
Friday , September 24 ~~ Solomon Islands and Wyoming
Saturday , September 25 ~~ Somalia and Alabama
Sunday , September 26 ~~ South Africa and Alaska

And of course, we hope to see you here!


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  1. Juli:

    Well said - well written.

    Thank you!

    Jennifer R. Bernard
    New Hampshire