Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fun at Our Hawthorne Hotel Staff Picnic

Elephant Walk means knocking over water bottles with a baseball swinging from a pair of pantyhose over ones head!

Movin' on Up looks simple, but try it! Move cups one at a time to get the red cup from the bottom, back to the bottom again.

Face the Cookie gave us some great photos. Move a cookie using only your face, from your forehead to your mouth. Do it three times in a minute!

Shoe Fly Shoe was a huge hit with the little ones. Toss a shoe using only your foot, and get it to land on the table nine feet away. Do it twice in a minute! I wonder how many shoes will be flying around peoples homes this week as the children keep trying?

Puddle Jumper proved much harder than it looked. Blow a ping pong ball from one "puddle" to another. Three in a minute! Yikes!!!

The cotton candy machine is always popular.

This week we enjoyed the gorgeous weather and a lovely seaside location for our annual hotel picnic. We tried something different this year -- we did games that were a takeoff on the popular television game show called "Minute to Win It" and they definitely seemed to be popular with both the children and the adults who gave them a try.

Here is the link to all the photos, in case you want to see us looking kind of silly, but having lots of fun:
I hope you enjoy this look at some of our diversions that we do to make our work at the Hawthorne Hotel just a little more fun.

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