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Cinema Salem's Upcoming Movies and Special Events

As you know, Cinema Salem has a very special place in our town of Salem.  Here is their newsletter just to keep you, fair blog reader, in the know about the events taking place there.  Whatever you do, don't miss THE TOWN which is playing there right now.  I have seen it, and it is terrific.

By the way, since we are only one block away from Cinema Salem, stopping in the Tavern for a bite to eat or an adult beverage might be just the thing to do before or after a show.

I hope to see you here or there!



Besides our regular awesome movies, we have a few special events this week, such as the free screening of Fringe tomorrow night at 9PM.

Then on Saturday morning at 10AM, you and your family can kick off the Halloween season in style with a charity showing of the classic, Salem-set film, Hocus Pocus. The cost is only $5, and $1 from each ticket will support the North Shore Cancer Walk. This great film was directed by Kenny Ortega, who has gone on huge success by creating the High School Musical franchise.

Okay, here's this coming week's lineup!

Now Playing: The Girl Who Played With Fire (R); Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole 3D; Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (PG13); and Ben Affleck's amazing The Town (R)!

Opening in the Screening Room is part two of the Stieg Larssen trilogy, The Girl Who Played With Fire, which Rolling Stone loves: "Relentless suspense allows The Girl Who Played With Fire to hold you in a viselike grip. But it's the performances of Nyqvist and especially Rapace that keep you coming back for more." Time Magazine likewise has a crush on the female lead: "In Rapace, it has an actress who brings a memorable literary character to indelible movie life, as Vivien Leigh did for Scarlett O'Hara."

TGWPWF will screen on Friday at (4:30), 7:15 and 9:45; Saturday at (11:40am), (2:00), (4:30), 7:15 and 9:45; Sunday at (11:40am), (2:00), (4:30) and 7:15; and Monday-Wednesday at (4:30) and 7:15; and Thursday at (4:30).

If you love French culture, you'll want to catch French Film Night next Thursday night in the Screening Room!

Legends of the Guardians is one of the most beautiful films you'll ever see and the first film since Avatar that uses 3D subtly, always in order to propel the story forward. The Los Angeles Times likes what it sees: "The animation itself is startlingly beautiful, as is the ancient owl world it imagines. The battles are complex and, in true Snyder tradition, heavy on the action." Be aware that the action is intense, and the film earns it's PG rating.

Legends of the Guardians will screen on Friday at (5:00), 7:10 and 9:20; Saturday at (12:00), (2:20), (5:00), 7:10 and 9:20; Sunday at (12:00), (2:20), (5:00) and 7:10; and Monday-Thursday at (5:00) and 7:10.

Time Magazine also loves Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: "Moving as fast and recklessly as a trillion-dollar fat-finger stock-market transaction, the film has the drive, luxe and sarcastic wit of the snazziest Hollywood movies for most of its two-hours-plus running time." A.O. Scott of the New York Times delivers perhaps the most accurate and career-encompassing summary of Stone's current film and oeuvre in this well-formed quasi-rave: "This movie is by turns brilliant and dumb, naive and wise, nowhere near good enough and something close to great."

Wall Street 2 will screen on Friday at (4:00), 6:45 and 9:30; and Saturday at (12:30), (4:00), 6:45 and 9:30; Sunday at (12:30), (4:00) and 6:45; and Monday-Thursday at (4:00) and 6:45.

Hurtling toward Oscar nominations (my early prohibitive favorite for Best Supporting Actress is Blake Lively) and $100m in box office revenue is The Town, which is gaining Ben Affleck amazing reviews like this one in the Houston Chronicle: "Affleck's direction is clipped when the plot requires, but he lingers on character-driven scenes (at a garden, a restaurant, a corner) in no apparent rush. Why hurry, after all? He's arrived." Time Magazine has uncovered the secret of his success: "Ben Affleck has a good brain for filmmaking -- he's clearly a smart and avid student of the medium -- but the elements that make his second outing as a director, The Town, such an enjoyable and exciting movie have more to do with what's in his heart."

The Town will screen on Friday at (4:40), 7:20 and 10:00; Saturday at (11:30 AM), (2:00), (4:40), 7:20 and 10:00; Sunday at (11:30 AM), (2:00), (4:40) and 7:20; and Monday-Thursday at (4:40) and 7:20.

Don't forget that you can reward yourself or your employees, friends, and family with a CinemaSalem Movie Card. It never expires and can be redeems for movie admissions, concessions, specialty drinks in the Café, even tickets to our upcoming live music concerts. Keep these useful Movie Cards in mind as the holidays approach.

Thanks for supporting CinemaSalem!

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